We at Radio Stitch are going through a bit of an online revamp at the moment, we’re going to be shaking up our social medias to help them look more modern and we are even updating our music so expect some refreshing change coming your way!

If you’re looking to get involved in something like this then you’re in luck, because Radio Stitch is a charity organisation run completely by a motley crew of volunteers! We are always looking for new, enthusiastic people to join our dysfunctional little family and help us improve the station in any way we can, even if that’s just managing our twitter account or broadcasting some funky tunes! Also don’t worry if you don’t know how to present or use a mixer because we can teach you all of that and you’ll be making up playlists and spinning (metaphorical) decks in no time.

We’re always looking for donations and to expand our following. So tell your family, friends or even your neighbours dog… Whatever you want! Just help us get the word out so we can further provide our free music service to North Tees Hospital patients and staff, just as we have for over 40 years!

Stitch History

By Martin Bee

North Tees General Radio 1975

Stitch started as a feasibility study by Stockton Sixth Form students (1975), resulting in the Radio broadcasting in February the following year. Turntables and Vinyls were the instruments for the skilled presenters.

Radio North Tees 1991

Many presenters come and go, and the apparatus were hard to master! Presenting became much easier with the advent of the compact disc. However, it was important to keep presenter numbers high to meet demand and ever-changing musical trends.

Radio Stitch 2013

Our Studios have undergone numerous refits at this point and now we have just completed the first phase of a major refurbishment programme for our complex at North Tees.We continue to broadcast 24 hours a day to North Tees and the University Hospital of Hartlepool on the audio channel, as well as throughout various places in the hospitals. We added the strap lines ‘Playing Your Favourite Music’ and ‘Connecting Teesside to the Seaside’

Radio Stitch 2018

We converted a storeroom into a Recording/Editing Suite. We are very grateful to the Thirteen Group for providing a generous grant to kickstart this refurbishment. It enhances our ability to train new volunteers in all aspects of radio presenting.


We will continue to improve our facilities as we attempt to stay ahead of rapid technology advances. We constantly look for diverse presenters to keep our programming fresh and up-to-date. Fundraising is still vital to our efforts in maintaining high standards of broadcasting!